Our Mission:

"To help and assist people from our church and community with needed home repairs. This ministry desires to help those that cannot afford to do necessary repairs, fix things that need to be fixed or just to bless them. The mission is to help when and where there is a need."

How the Ministry Works:

The person of need will contact the church office, a Pastor, one of the Hometown Ministry Leaders or one of identified community outreach sources to solicit the needs of this ministry. A lead from the ministry will be responsible for preliminary intake of information and will initiate the process of gathering details of the need. (Intake form available online) The need is presented to the ministry leaders for acceptance of the project. Upon acceptance, organization of the project and work crews will be established and completion of the project will occur.

Are you interested in volunteering?

Be a missionary in our own community "How Beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news"